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Generation Ratify Amherst

Join the fight for gender equality.

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  • Through panels, lobby campaigns, and recruitment we work every day to mobilize our generation.


  • By organizing rallies, classes, and banner drops, and demanding our voices be heard. 


  • We welcome all youth voices to the fold and give them the platform and spaces to speak and act.


  • Nationally, we have made 1.09 million voter contacts. Locally, we gave organized voter registration drives and social media campaigns.

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Our Actions

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Generation Ratify Amherst co-organized a banner drop in response to the Supreme Court case Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Center along with Planned Parenthood. Generation Ratify Amherst hosts annual banner drops in the fall.

Generation Ratify Amherst took part in a national walkout day in response to the Supreme Court's leaked draft opinion showing that precedents set forth by Roe vs. Wade will most likely get overturned. Organizers led a walkout from Amherst Regional Middle School and High School with lots of speakers including chapter lead Marisol Pierce Bonifaz and outreach members Inanna Balkin and Freya Brody.

Generation Ratify Amherst Creative Team organized a chapter-wide art project, with prospective members, to paint a winged canvas in support of upholding Roe v Wade. We plan to publicly install this art!

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